What is a braindate?

You're planning to attend JADPRO Live Virtual to meet great people and learn about new things. But how do you spark those meaningful conversations? It all starts with a braindate.

JADPRO Live is partnering with the peer learning experts of e180 to bring you valuable conversations and networking connections during JADPRO Live on Friday, October 16 from 11 AM–3 PM ET.

Virtual braindates are knowledge-sharing conversations that you book with others to have one-on-one or in small groups, right here on Braindate. They’re the best way to connect with, learn from, and have terrific conversations with new people—all virtually.

Post your own Braindate topic(s), or book one or even a few Braindates with other attendees on topics that matter to you!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Log into JADPRO Live Braindate:
  2. Explore the Braindate topic market: Both one-on-one and group conversations are available.
  3. Create your own topic(s) (both personal and professional) so that others can join and/or invite others for a Braindate.
  4. Mark your calendars and meet up virtually on the Braindate platform during JADPRO Live Virtual!

Get Started

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